Julia Erickson coaches people to find, get and do their "right fit" work - work they love, do well, and want to do again. She blogs and tweets on career and job search. Julia is a career expert on Careerealism.com, a top 10 career blog. Julia?s coaching is grounded in nearly 30 years experience in NYC?s non-profit industry, including 12 as CEO of two major organizations. She hired hundreds, fired some, and coached many to use their talents at work. Julia led Public/Private Initiatives at NYC's Department of Employment, which gave her in-depth knowledge of what employers want. Julia applies to career management the marketing expertise she used to raise more than $100 million, much through direct response. Julia graduated from Smith College and has an MBA in leadership. She was the James Beard Foundation's 2003 Humanitarian of the Year, and a Women's Day's "Women Who Inspire Us" in 2002.
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How to Find a Career You Love, Based on Your Strengths

“I love my work!” If you are like most people, you want to say those words with a straight face, and mean them. It is possible when you look for jobs and build a career based on your natural strengths and talents. I call this your “right fit” work. Just as there are clothes that … Continue reading

Tell me…do you like what you do for money?

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