You deserve your “right fit” job:  work that is fulfilling, doing what you love.

And it IS possible for you to find your “right fit” work.  I know, because I’ve done it myself and I’ve helped many people do it, too.

We spend 8 or more hours a day, 40 or more hours a week, 48 weeks a year at work.  Some of us see the people we work with more than our families.  To spend any of this time unhappy is a truly horrifying prospect.  Too many of us face the daily prospect of getting up for work to spend time with people we don’t like, doing things we don’t enjoy, earning less than we are worth, in a place that is depressing and just not the right place for us to grow and be happy.

Imagine, instead, waking up happy because you get to go to work!  What would it be like if you looked forward to seeing your co-workers and to tackling the day’s projects?  How would you feel about work if you got to use the talents and skills you enjoy using the most, and made the kind of impact you always hoped?

That’s the goal of my work: to help you find your “right fit” work.

If you’re currently working in a “wrong fit” job, you can start the process of moving to something that’s more tailored to your abilities and personality. If you’re unemployed, you can do a smarter job search that actually is more likely to produce results than a scatter-shot “I need a job, any job” approach.

Since you have to look for a job anyway, it makes sense to look for one that will make you happy. You deserve to be happy at work.

Think of your job search as a marketing effort. Your goal is to reach your target market: the employer and job you really want.

I’ve developed simple tools and techniques adapted from marketing to help you do that. Check out the blog for regular advice and tools. Read my e-book for my entire system. And contact me if you want one-on-one coaching.


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